Project Management System

Pricing starts at Rs.5000 per year with promotional offers for new sign-ups. Contact us today to have your free trial account setup.

Web-based Project Management System to create projects and manage them in a phased and timely manner. Improves productivity and workflow through project visualisation. Use it for managing any type of project be it building construction, industrial project, web development.

Own Project Dashboard

Team members and clients have their own project dashboard with an overview of the projects assigned to them. They can see only their own projects, while project managers can see all projects.

Separate Project Page

Each project has it's own page detailing key information and progress to keep track of key information, documents, milestones, phases and tasks. Project progress is automatically calculated as tasks are completed so you always know how close you are to completion.

Mobile Friendly

You or your clients can check project status from any internet connected device. Mobile App Mode lets you save the app icon in your home screen and access like an iOS or Android app.

Delegate and Track

Assign tasks to team members for clear delegation. Assigned tasks are listed on team member's project dashboard. Team members can complete tasks assigned to them keeping the project status accurate and up to date.

Document Storage

Store important documents in one place and manage their status. Clients and team members can upload, review and approve documents. Easy messaging allows clients to request document revisions, simplifying document workflows.

Project Discussions

Enables discussing a project and individual phases. Keeps important notes and discussions out of your inbox and bundled with the rest of your project information.

Automatic Updating

Project completion is automatically calculated based on hours and task completion.

Document Approvals

Clients can approve or request changes on key documents right on the project page.

E-Mail Notifications

Send out e-mail updates on progress to anyone or everyone assigned to a project.

Project Templates

Setup project templates and clone them to get up and running quickly.

Deadlines & Calendar

Identify delayed projects before they are an issue by comparing project completion to time elapsed.

Optional Premium Add Ons

Once you have tried out the Project Management System, you may like to go Premium:

» Gantt charts to illustrate project tasks, timelines and dependencies

» Create and edit projects from the front end of your site

» Image gallery for project page, giving clear idea of progress in a visual way

» Map your own domain name to the site for corporate branding

Price for Premium Add Ons: Rs.5000/Year